La passione per il caffè dal 1882

Why we are Green

Caffè Vergnano has always been on the front line when it comes to environmental defence, carrying out constant research into materials aimed at proposing increasingly recyclable packaging. Caffè Vergnano also takes the same serious approach to production processes, observing the main Italian and international standards on ecology and respect for the environment.

Un successo made in italy

Attention To the Environment

This attention to the environment is revealed in the choices that have been made in recent years. Examples are limitation of CO2 emission and the production of waste, purification of the water used in industrial processes and planning with particular regard to the use of energy and management of waste.

Una grande passione

What Compostable Means

Increasingly environmentally friendly packaging, wrapping and capsules. The research into materials that led Caffè Vergnano to conceive Èspresso1882 COMPOSTABLE capsules and more recyclable packaging, with the box disposed of as paper, the sachet as plastic and the outstandingly innovative disposal of capsules as organic waste, falls within this sphere.

Sviluppo internazionale

Compostable capsules

Our company has always believed in INNOVATION. We see the compostable project as a new challenge. We were the first company in Italy to launch Compatible Capsules with Nesresso becoming a leader the segment. We are now products to have pre-meted, once again, the timing and needs of the market. Sustainability is too important for us to ignore it and this is why we felt it only natural to expand our range of capsules and offer consumers an even wider choice.

Il nostro caffè: miscela perfetta di tradizione e innovazione

Discover the compostable range

Our Compostable Capsules will be available in the U.S. in early 2017