We bring your idea to life

Our design team is directly involved with coffee shop owners who serve Caffè Vergnano and are interested in creating a real Italian café. Our team helps you create a personalized design that combines our aesthetics with the personal vision of individual bar owners. From architectural planning to barista training, to dedicated merchandising and marketing tools, we offer one-to-one support in the realization of each entrepreneurial project.

We create new coffee experiences

CV1882 cafés are located in the most disparate settings, from historic city centers of small Italian towns to the hectic heart of Manhattan. While quality remains a top priority wherever a cup of Caffè Vergnano coffee is served, each location provides a different way of experiencing our coffee, specially curated by our extended network of baristas.

Italian espresso on the road

In 2020, we launched the Street Coffee project, a new coffee shop concept that brings real Italian espresso on the road. The new Caffè Vergnano mobile café is a flexible, more affordable solution for aspiring coffee shop owners that wish to start a business quickly and with relatively low start-up costs. For coffee lovers, it is a new exciting way of celebrating the very Italian ritual of espresso drinking while creating new fascinating experiences.

A network of iconic cafés

Caffè Vergnano’s iconic coffee shops were first created in the year 2000 to promote the excellence of the Italian coffee culture in Italy and abroad. Since then, over 150 flagship cafés have been launched by passionate baristas and bar owners who have joined our international family. You can find Caffè Vergnano’s coffee shops inside Eataly Stores in LA, NYC, Chicago, Boston and Toronto.

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